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Welcome to the official site of Kalani, an internationally recognized Percussionist, Music Educator, Music Therapist and Speaker. With more than 35 years of professional experience in a variety of fields, Kalani brings a unique and fresh perspective to his work.
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Join Kalani, Clint, and Vera for a unique musical experience: Flute Harvest Native Flute School, October 18-23, 2015. Click the logo to find out more!


DCM courses teach community music facilitation skills through immersion in active play. Participants learn drum circle facilitation, interactive drumming, rhythm games, traditional drumming, song-leading, and verbal processing techniques. Courses are taught by Kalani, MT-BC and align with professional standards in music education, music therapy and related professions. July 17 to August , 2014 in Los Angeles

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DCM Courses

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SKYPE (Video Conferencing) Sessions can include personal and professional consulting, evaluations, lessons, coaching and more. Perfect for individuals and groups of all kinds.

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DCM Courses